The National Geographic Society is now using recycled paper in their publications, thanks to a collaboration with Green America’s Better Paper Project and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 18:58

Who’s Using Your Money to Lobby?

It's no surprise that mega-banks are one of the most powerful lobbying forces in Washington today. And they’re not using their influence to advocate for the middle- and lower-income people, for the owners of local “mom and pop” shops, or for green businesses.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014 18:52

People’s Climate March – Sept. 21

Slated to be the largest climate rally in history: we’re hitting the streets of NYC at the People’s Climate March to demand that our world leaders take substantive and immediate action on climate change.

Learn about the ways in which Clean Energy Victory Bonds and Ceres' "Clean Trillion" goals will fund a greener economy and a healthier planet.

Join us Wednesday, May 28th, to learn everything you and your business needs to know about GMOs. Register Today »

Make that billions. Find out which mega-banks have paid out the most for the damage they’ve caused to people and the economy.

These companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent parents from finding out whether or not their baby food has GMOs. Tell them to stop turning babies into lab rats.

Green Festival celebrates its 10th year in Washington, D.C.! Join us at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, May 31-June 1.

Help us hit 1,000,000 views: Watch Who Pays the Price and discover the true human costs of the electronics businesses and consumers rely on.

Thursday, 24 April 2014 16:53

Tell Apple: Stop Poisoning Workers

Since Green America called on Apple to end smartphone sweatshops last month, over 700,000 have watched Who Pays the Price and discovered the human cost of electronics. Join over 16,000 people who have taken action to tell Apple to protect workers. 

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