Baseline Standards

  • Knowledgeable about environmental implications of any source ingredients
  • Knowledgeable about worker pay and benefits of any mining company providing ingredients
  • If overseas, has visited mine, has company representative that regularly verifies conditions, or has independent person/organization that verifies conditions
  • Will weigh the environmental impact of the mining process against the overall “green” alternative being provided
  • Member of a green trade association or organization relevant to the industry; looking for an example of advocacy around mining or using reclaimed metals


  • Knows MDHA ID # for mines (if in US)
  • Knows about number and nature of any violations by mine company
  • Knows about any processing performed at the mine or elsewhere to prepare material for applicant company use
  • Knows about any complaints from neighboring communities
  • Actively looking at alternatives to ‘virgin’ mined metals and making processes greener