Brand Building and Strategic Communication

sami-grover-headshot"Branding: An awful lot of nonsense gets talked about it and companies spend big bucks on stuff that really doesn't matter," says branding expert and TreeHugger contributor, Sami Grover.

Sami's here to show you that branding is not rocket science. It is a practical discipline that offers businesses and organizations the tools to communicate authentically, strategically and effectively with the audiences they want to reach.

He'll provide you with the basic building blocks of an effective brand, and show how to put it all together into a coherent, engaging brand system.

Branding: A Common Sense Approach to Brand Building
& Strategic Communication

By leveraging every point of contact with your audience, and crafting every message so it builds your identity as the messenger, effective branding means you spend less effort, less money, and fewer resources on marketing and outreach. Spend more time doing what you should be doing - running your business and changing the world.


Sami Grover is an environmental activist and co-creative director at The Change Creation, a creative team offering brand strategy and design for businesses and non-profits who make the world, better, fairer and less predictably corporate. Clients include Larry’s Beans, Canaan Fair Trade and Self-Help.

He is also a regular contributor to TreeHugger, where he writes on a broad range of topics including permaculture, sustainable food systems, the collaborative economy and clean energy, and TLC's Parentables where he muses on parenthood in an uncertain world.

Originally from England, he once vowed never to fly again - then he fell in love with someone on the other side of the Atlantic. He believes that adaptability is a prerequisite for sustainability. Follow Sami on Twitter.