A great benefit of membership in the Green Business Network are our regular webinars.  Free to all members, they focus on topics critical to the success of green businesses. From marketing and financing to using new social media and public policy issues, they are designed to give you the tools you need for your business to thrive. View our upcoming and recent webinars here.

A Safer, Greener Future: Your Guide to the Clean Energy Victory Bonds

Learn all about the ways in which Clean Energy Victory Bonds will fund a greener economy and a healthier planet.

cevb300Join Green America and the American Sustainable Business Council to learn about how Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs) can support solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources, residential and commercial efficiency, and electric vehicles.

Modeled after the hugely successful victory bonds sold during WWII, CEVBs are proposed Treasury Bonds which will facilitate our nation's collective support of energy cleanliness and security, as well as substantial economic growth. The CEVB would be available starting at $25, enabling most Americans to invest in the development of our clean energy economy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the bond works
  • How energy-related businesses will benefit from the CEVB
  • How your business – in any sector! - can support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Campaign

Not only will the CEVBs promote significantly greater energy cleanliness and security, these bonds offer substantial economic benefits. The investments in clean energy supported by CEVBs stand to create at least 1 million competitively-paying jobs in the U.S.! Furthermore, through working towards creating our own, sustainable energy supply, these bonds will significantly reduce America's dependency on foreign sources of energy.

Green America and the American Sustainable Business Council are educating and mobilizing businesses, investors, and consumers in support of this proposed bond. The webinar speakers will include:

  • Richard Eidlin, Policy Director and Co-Founder, American Sustainable Business Council
  • Todd Larsen, Director of Corporate Responsibility Programs, Green America
  • Fran Teplitz, Director of Social Investing & Policy, Green America

Over 15,000 individuals and over 100 institutions are supporters of CEVBs, and momentum is building. Please join us and together we will build a clean energy future!

Watch this webinar »



Creative Ways to Raise Capital

Develop the passionate pitch you need to inspire potential funders. Learn the 8 Factors used by thousands of entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. Join Michael C. Bush, star speaker at our San Francisco Green Festival.
Raising money only happens with a passionate "pitch" that captures the imagination of the listener. It has to "sizzle". In addition to giving advice on how and what to "pitch", Michael Bush will teach you the 8 Factors that you need to manage so that your "steak" (or tofu?) lives up to your sizzle. The 8 Factors is here to create businesses that are good for people, the planet, and generate enough profit so that the products we’re passionate about can reach the largest market possible.
The 8 Factors is an action-oriented framework that has been taught for over a decade and utilized by thousands of successful entrepreneurs. Michael C. Bush, developed the framework to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and tools to successfully launch, gain control and scale their businesses.
If you’d like to enroll in The 8 Factors online entrepreneurship program, The 8 Factors is offering a special discount to Green Business Network Members: Use the promo code GREEN+8F to save $99.
michael-c.-bush-200About Michael C. Bush

As president and founder of The 8 Factors, Michael C. Bush has more than 30 years of management experience and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their businesses. A prolific entrepreneur, turnaround consultant, and educator, Michael’s paradigm-shifting approach to business, distills the best content from business books, MBA theory, and personal insight into a powerfully simple and practical method: The 8 Factors.

A charismatic speaker, Michael draws on lessons from his childhood, to offer personal accounts that are revealing, humorous, and insightful. Through his entertaining, honest, and inspiring style, Michael forges immediate and lasting connections with audiences.

Michael received his M.S. in Management from The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.  In addition to his management consulting work, he teaches entrepreneurship courses at a number of institutions including: Stanford University, Mills College, and Inner City Advisors. Michael is also a member of President Obama's White House Business Council, a group that meets at the White House to help shape policy on issues that impact small businesses and promote economic prosperity and job creation in urban areas.

Grow Your Business With Social Media

Join us Dec. 11 to learn simple strategies for engaging conscious consumers and finding your voice in new media. With social media guru Sara Needham.

sara-needham160-2This webinar is a must for anyone in business who is thinking about how to incorporate social media in your busy day and needs to reap the results! Technology has paved lucrative new roads for the growing business and social media can be one of the most fruitful. Join Sara Needham, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for Green Festivals®, as she shares simple strategies for engaging conscious consumers and finding your voice in new media.

This webinar is based on Needham's popular session at the DC Green Festival on the Green Business Stage.

Passionate about harnessing the power of the Internet to propel social and environmental progress, Needham manages Green Festival's online voice. Over the last three years, Needham has worked to promote environmental conferences, clean technology groups and sustainable urban development initiatives. Additionally, she has organized social media-driven charity events to raise funds for nonprofits including Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and Concern Worldwide.  She holds a B.A. in Public Relations from East Tennessee State University.

As someone who was raised on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay and spent her collegiate years living among the rich, green mountains of Appalachia, Needham feels an innate drive and sense of responsibility to fight to preserve such tremendous natural resources for generations to come.

Check out her work -- follow Green Festivals on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus follow us: connect to the Green Business Network on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Boost Your Web Traffic: Intro to SEO

How can you boost your web traffic and reach more customers and clients? Through SEO: search engine optimization. Learn how to rise up the ranks on Google in this webinar.

jonah-mytro150In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • What is it for and how will it benefit your business?
  • Does your website need optimization?
  • SEO to-do’s: 10 things to do to optimize your website!
  • What's the difference between Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO, and how do they work?
  • SEO DON’T Do’s - what should you avoid?
  • Examples of websites with good SEO
  • 5 things to do tomorrow to help your SEO rankings

Presenter: Jonah Mytro

Jonah Mytro runs GreenDeals.org, the popular Green America site for deals from certified green businesses, modeled after Groupon. He's the Founder of Q4 Marketing, an internet consulting and marketing  firm based in Los Angeles. Jonah has over 10 years of online marketing experience with search engine optimization, search marketing, media buying, e-commerce, and lead heneration.

He currently works with clients as well as proprietary owned websites to increase their rankings on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL). 

From onsite to offsite SEO strategies, Jonah develops strategies based on the client's goals and budgets.

His SEO work includes the following websites: GreenDeals.org, Findyourdegree.com, HorganEnterprises.com, SnyderDiamond.com, Redjacketresorts.com, and Brandeis University.



Marketing Benefits to Grow Your Business

How do you reach more customers in the booming market for green? Learn how the Green Business Network can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people seeking green products and services.

Members of Green America's Green Business Network are entitled to a wide range of benefits to help you connect, market, and grow.

In this FREE webinar, you'll learn how to use the benefits of membership in the Green Businses Network to reach hundreds of thousands of green consumers eager to find businesses like yours.

Join GBN's Marketing Coordinator Misha D. Clive and our new partner 350 Media's CEO and Founder, Oliver Strube.

misha-2012-photo-150Learn how to:

1) Stand out in the marketplace with your Green Business Certification

Discover how to use the Green America Seal to promote your products and services, and stand out as an authentic green company in the crowded marketplace. (Haven't earned your Certification yet? We'll get you started.)

Oliver2) Reach hundreds of thousands through targeted marketing opportunities

Meet our new partner 350 Media and learn about the brand new opportunity available to you through their online green advertising network.

Maximize your listing potential on Green America's GreenPages.org, Google's #1 green business directory. Learn how to sell on GreenDeals, the Groupon for green business, and access Green America's online, digital, and print advertising opportunities.

3) Meet green consumers in person at Green Festivals

Get the buzz on our upcoming Green Festivals across the country and learn how to take part in the nation's premier sustainability event.

PLUS: Win money for your business!

Our People & Planet Awards program offers quarterly awards of $5,000 to innovative green businesses. Find out how to apply.


Profit From the New Rules of Green Marketing

Gain key insights for green marketing in this webinar from expert Jacquie Ottman, who shares strategies for green businesses from her award-winning book, The New Rules of Green Marketing.

jacquie-ottman150Jacquie Ottman, a New York city-based expert on green marketing and advisor to Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies and several U.S. government eco-labels, is a sought-after speaker around the globe.

In this interactive webinar, Jacquie shares stories and strategies from her award-winning book, The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding (Berrett-Koehler, 2011). The book emphasizes the need to take a lifecycle approach to developing and marketing greener products and packages in order to best address consumer needs, manage for sustainability and reduce the risks of greenwash.

Her book has been called “the new green marketing Bible" and “the end-all and be-all of green marketing.”  It was named by Cambridge University (UK) as a Top 40 Sustainability Book.

Buy the book today with this special offer for green businesses: Get 35% off. Click here to buy the book at a special 35% discount.

Find out more about Jacquie’s book and work at http://www.greenmarketing.com.


Tour the Green Marketplace at GreenDeals.org


In this webinar, Jonah Mytro, President of GreenDeals.org, a project of Green America, will walk you through the latest benefit of Green Business Network membership: the Green Marketplace, which will offer drop shipped products from green businesses at MSRP. Simliar to Amazon.com's marketplace, the Green Marketplace delivers green products from certified green businesses. He'll show you how the new marketplace works and answer any questions.

How it works:

  1. Products are featured on GreenDeals Marketplace 24/7, 365 days/year
  2. Consumers purchase products and pay at marketplace.GreenDeals.org
  3. Advertisers are responsible for shipping and fulfilling orders
  4. Advertisers have real-time access to reporting  to track sales and orders
  5. GreenDeals submits payments to vendors each Friday (for previous Friday-Thursday sales)

Watch the webinar below to learn how to get your products listed on the Green Marketplace:


GreenGain: Take the Tour

Take an in-depth tour of your core membership benefit: GreenGain, your personal online sustainability officer and certification tool. 

greengain-public-beta-logoSince 1982, we've helped businesses go green - and now we've poured our experience into an online platform that will help you easily:

  • Measure sustainability efforts
  • Identify and implement new ways to go green
  • Save time and money
  • and report your great efforts to customers


Maren Maier, Director of the Seal of Approval and Standards, will give you a tour of the online assessment and extensive resource portal, and address frequently asked questions from our members.
Find out how to access your interactive Seal and online Sustainability Report to share your achievements with customers and clients.
Learn about all of the advantages to earning the Seal of Approval, from listings in the National Green Pages, exhibiting at Green Festivals, selling on WorldofGood.com by eBay and other online platforms, AND becoming a Benefit Corporation.
Make the most out of this new benefit of membership.

Join Maren Maier for a tour of the online assessment and extensive resource portal and Q&A with our members. Find out how to access your interactive Seal and online Sustainability Report to share your achievements with customers and clients.

Learn about all of the advantages to earning the Certified Green Business Seal, from listings in the National Green Pages, exhibiting at Green Festivals, selling on WorldofGood.com by eBay and other online platforms, AND becoming a Benefit Corporation.

Maren Maier worked with GBN as the previous Director of Standards. Contact Alix Davidson, current Director of Standards and Certification, and our Certification team at greengain @ greenamerica.org.

Make the most out of this benefit of membership. Watch it here:

*Maren Maier worked with GBN as the previous Director of Standards. Contact Alix Davidson, current Director of Standards and Certification, at adavidson @ greenamerica.org.



WEBINAR 3/27: Break Up With Your Mega-Bank!

break-up-with-your-bank-money-tree200As a green business, you are always looking for ways to improve your social and environmental impacts to benefit people and the planet. Did you know that where your business does its banking is a green issue? Is your money working to promote values that don’t match those of your business?

Watch this webinar that will explain what community development banking is all about, why it matters to green businesses, how to break up with your mega-bank and how to find a green bank or credit union to serve your business.


Green Businesses: Break Up with your Mega-Bank!

Todd Larsen, Green America, Director of Corporate Responsibility Programs
Fran Teplitz, Green America, Director of Social Investing

Since the start of Green America’s long-standing community investing campaign, we've helped move more than a billion dollars away from the mega-banks. Your business can be a part of this ongoing shift from greedy banks to green banks. See our resources at the new Break Up With Your Mega-Bank website

In the webinar, Todd and Fran will walk you through the steps. 

Get motivated to make the switch with "10 Reasons to Break Up With Your Mega-Bank." For ideas on how to support community investment if you can’t move all your money, check out "7 Ways to Cheat on Your Bank."

The Green Business Network has tools to help you switch to a financial institution that supports communities, small business, and broad economic growth – especially for underserved populations. Watch the webinar and get started! 

Green Businesses - Break Up With Your Mega-Bank!

PLUS - Read our toolkit: Break Up with Your Mega-Bank: Everything Your Business Needs to End Your Relationship with Mega-Banks and Start Using Community Development Financial Institutions that Work for People and the Planet. (PDF)  This easy-to-read kit has simple steps you can follow to ensure a smooth transition as you transfer accounts. The kit also includes a sample letter you can send to mega-banks, telling them why you are closing your business account with them. The kit also includes a sampling of community development banks and credit unions that may meet your banking needs!

Join your fellow business members in breaking up with mega-banks and using financial institutions that reflect your values!

Brand Building and Strategic Communication

sami-grover-headshot"Branding: An awful lot of nonsense gets talked about it and companies spend big bucks on stuff that really doesn't matter," says branding expert and TreeHugger contributor, Sami Grover.

Sami's here to show you that branding is not rocket science. It is a practical discipline that offers businesses and organizations the tools to communicate authentically, strategically and effectively with the audiences they want to reach.

He'll provide you with the basic building blocks of an effective brand, and show how to put it all together into a coherent, engaging brand system.

Branding: A Common Sense Approach to Brand Building
& Strategic Communication

By leveraging every point of contact with your audience, and crafting every message so it builds your identity as the messenger, effective branding means you spend less effort, less money, and fewer resources on marketing and outreach. Spend more time doing what you should be doing - running your business and changing the world.


Sami Grover is an environmental activist and co-creative director at The Change Creation, a creative team offering brand strategy and design for businesses and non-profits who make the world, better, fairer and less predictably corporate. Clients include Larry’s Beans, Canaan Fair Trade and Self-Help.

He is also a regular contributor to TreeHugger, where he writes on a broad range of topics including permaculture, sustainable food systems, the collaborative economy and clean energy, and TLC's Parentables where he muses on parenthood in an uncertain world.

Originally from England, he once vowed never to fly again - then he fell in love with someone on the other side of the Atlantic. He believes that adaptability is a prerequisite for sustainability. Follow Sami on Twitter.




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