How Can Your Business Get Certified?

The Green Business Certification process is designed to be simple and easy for any small business. 

To get started, sign up for the Green Business Network® to get access to GreenGain, our online sustainability tool. You will receive your login information as soon as you join. (Members: sign in here.) 

The assessment takes about 90 minutes to complete. Follow these four steps:


Step 1: Take the Assessment

GreenGain Public Beta

Using a points-based assessment system, GreenGain draws from over 800 initiatives organized by industry. The assessment has required initiatives and general initiatives. To earn the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Seal, you complete the required questions for each level and accumulate enough points from the general questions.

The required questions reflect Green America’s required standards for best practices at each tier level. The general questions let you select from hundreds of actions to accumulate points. They are grouped into three main parts: Environment, Social Equity and Accountability.

Review the required standards »



Step 2: Review your Results

silver-cropped2Once you complete the assessment, GreenGain calculates your score to determine your certification level.

The program works in real time, so you can automatically reach Bronze and Silver depending on your results. Bronze and Silver levels are based on self-reporting.



Step 3: Download your Green America Seal


You can download your seal image directly from your dashboard in the GreenGain self-assessment tool. Each Seal is connected to dynamic code, so once you copy and paste the code to your website, it will automatically display your Public Sustainability Report whenever a user clicks on the Green America Seal image.  The Public Sustainability Report is a summary of your responses from your assessment.

Click this Green America Seal for an example of what your Public Sustainability Report will look like.

If your company filed as a Benefit Corporation and needs a third party performance report, your Green Business Certification fits the bill perfectly! You simply use our online assessment tool, GreenGain, to generate your Public Sustainability Report.

The new interactive Green America Seal connects to your public sustainability report. Click this seal for an example of what your report will look like.


Find out more about Benefit Corporation legal status »

Step 4:Earn the Gold Green America Seal


To qualify for the Gold Seal, you must earn enough points for Gold and complete the required questions for all three levels. A Green Business Network staff member will then review your assessment and website and conduct appropriate research. Companies are asked to clarify and refine answers, answer follow-up questions, and/or provide supporting information related to their practices. To facilitate this process, include detailed answers in the assessment tool and respond to all follow-up questions promptly. If you do not hear from us within two weeks of receiving notice that your company is ready for Gold level assessment, please contact

The review helps us understand the unique circumstances, aspirations, challenges, and best practices particular to your business. The Standards Committee looks for evidence that a business balances social practices (workers, supply chains, community) with environmental practices and has moved beyond general sustainability actions into a deeper focus on their core business area.

We provide detailed feedback, offer recommendations for next steps, and share additional resources, materials, and contacts to help you continue your leadership in the green economy.

Questions about the Gold Level Standards review process? Contact us: